Authorised purposes for distribution of funds:

  1. Promotion of the amateur sport of rugby union. Includes, but is not limited to, the provision of financial assistance to amateur organisations to assist them in meeting the costs of purchasing sports equipment and uniforms, the administrative costs of promoting and developing amateur rugby union in the region, the costs of providing coaching facilities and the costs of acquiring or maintaining sports facilities. Those organisations include, but are not limited to, metropolitan rugby clubs, country rugby clubs, womens rugby, Maori rugby, secondary school rugby and junior rugby within the region.
  2. Promotion of any amateur sport where that sport is conducted for the recreation of the general public. This shall include, but not be limited to, the provision of facilities, or the assistance in the provision of facilities, equipment, coaching or playing uniforms for sporting clubs and amateur sporting teams playing in recognised, published leagues or competitions. No donations and/or payments to professional sports persons.
  3. Grants that assist any charitable purpose including the relief of poverty or the provision of welfare assistance through donations to recognised social services or welfare agencies.
  4. Grants that assist any cultural, or any other purpose that is beneficial to the community or any section of it.
  5. Grants to educational or training organisations through the provision of scholarships (provided that the recipients of such scholarships are selected in a fair and open manner after public advertising) or equipment or the development of better student amenities that are administered by the recipient organisation.
  6. No payment, commission or any other kind of financial reward can be attached or demanded as a pre-condition for either: the issuing of any authorised purpose grant applications forms, or the payment of any authorised purpose grants.

All applications received will be given due consideration by the foundation.  The Directors of the Mainland Foundation are committed to returning funds generated in a geographic location back into the local communities, however should your application be outside the areas that the trust operates gaming machines your application will still be given due consideration.

The Board of the Mainland Foundation meet once a year to review the criteria, methods, systems and policies used for considering the distribution of Net Proceeds from gaming (As Per Section 109 of the Gambling Act 2003). These conditions were endorsed at the review meeting conducted on 2nd February 2021.