Here is an overview of the steps in making an application. For more details on each step, please download the PDF guide on the right.

Accessing the grant site

Once you’re ready to begin, click the START APPLICATION button on the right.

Let's get started

Read through the overview and follow the instructions on the page. Enter your location and the start and end dates of your project.

Your details

Before starting, you must enter your details as person completing the application.

Organisation details

You’ll need the name of your organisation along with phone number and addresses.

Additional details

Depending on your organisation you’ll need to provide additional information like your schools decile rating or your Charities registration number. You’ll also need to provide contact details for two people in your organisation.

Age groups and regions

You’ll need to provide some demographic and geographic information for the people who benefit from your project.


We invite our applicants to provide recognition of Mainland Foundation in your activities and promotional material. This isn’t required, but in this section you can let us know if you are able to assist in promoting the Foundation.

Documents upload

In this section you MUST upload the following documentation:

  • The resolution.
  • The organisation’s accounts (audited if possible).
  • The organisations bank deposit slip.

Additional documentation such as your Certificate of Incorporation are also required here.

Funding information

To ensure that organisations are not receiving funds from multiple places for the same project, we ask you to provide details of your fundraising for this project.

Funding Commitment

Finally, we request detailed information about the funds you are applying for. The information needed in this section includes quotes, details on salaries (if the money is to hire a staff member), how much you are requesting and when it will be used etc.