FREquently asked questions


Am I eligible to apply for a grant?

Mainland Foundation support the following organisations:

  •  Sports clubs and amateur sports organisations.
  • Cultural and Community Groups.
  • Charities.
  • Welfare Agencies.
  • Educational Organisations.
  • Societies and Trusts.

For the full eligibility criteria, click here.

How much should I apply for?

The maximum you can apply for is the total of the quotes for the goods or services that you require. In the past, Mainland Foundation has funded grants ranging from $200 to $100,000 although our average grant is around $2,000. The trustees may take into consideration your own fundraising efforts, whether you have applied to other organisations and the frequency of your applications. It is most common that the Foundation will “part fund” an application.


How much information should we include?

Please do not assume we know everything about your organisation. Aside from attaching recent society minutes and the requisite quotes, it is worthwhile to ‘paint a picture’ about your project or organisation.


Find the answers to common questions about grants and the grant process.

Do you accept applications during lockdown?

No, we will not be distributing funds if our gaming venues are closed due to lockdown restrictions.

Are there conditions attached to grants?

Yes. Please see the Terms and Conditions within the application, or please click on the Terms and Conditions here.

How is the application assessed?

The NPC members of Mainland Foundation meet twice each month (except January when we only have one meeting) to consider all funding applications.

Decisions are made, considering, the available funds, the merit of the application, the compliance of the application, and the overall community benefit.

Applications must be received through our online grant application process by 4 pm on closing date.

If your application is in order the application will automatically be included in the next funding round – however as the Trustees cannot consider retrospective applications (i.e., claims for expenditure that have already been paid or if the event has happened before the next Foundation meeting) please ensure that you submit your application well in advance of when you require the funds.

We will only accept applications up to three months prior to the event. Please note that that all quotes for goods and services need to be current and dated within a 1-month period.

Should I apply for one large sum or breakdown the application into smaller components, over a period of time?

Because the demand for grants inevitably outstrips the Foundation financial ability to fund, it may be prudent to consider smaller requests. As our Foundation continually raises funds for the community, if you are unsuccessful one month it may be worthwhile applying again later in the year.

If we received a grant last year can we assume we will be funded for the same purpose this year?

No. Each application will be treated separately and on its own merits and against other applications received at the time.

What if we get a grant and can’t use it for the purpose for which we applied?

You must notify us immediately, in writing or email. You may only spend the funds on another purpose if the Net Proceeds Committee (NPC) approves. Again, we will approve this in writing. We may request the funds are returned to the Foundation. Alternatively, you may voluntarily return the funds.

If I am requesting funds for an event how soon before that event should I apply?

We would strongly recommend that you lodge any application at least six weeks prior to the event taking place. An application can only be lodged with Mainland Foundation 3 months in advance of the funding being needed. 

No funding will be made to any application retrospective which means that NO grant can be made to reimburse money already spent by the grant applicant including deposits. 

Is there a limit to the number of times we can apply?

Generally, we will accept up to 4 applications in any 12-month period. 

If you have been turned down because you do not qualify for funding, rather than the Foundation having insufficient funds available or choosing not to support your funding request for whatever reason, then you will need to modify your application before re-applying.

Please also note that the Foundation cannot fund retrospectively.  You can reapply at any time so long as you have NO outstanding Accountabilities.

How do we know that you have received our application?

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.

Sometimes emails from our system go to your spam or junk folder. We recommend adding to your contacts or address book.

How long will it take before we know if our application is successful?

The Mainland Foundation Net Proceeds Committee (NPC) will usually meet twice monthly (approximately 10 days after closing date) to consider applications, although this may vary due to availability of committee members.

View the meeting dates and deadlines.

The Foundation will consider all applications that are complete each time they meet and will seldom ‘hold-over’ applications. This means that the applicant will know in a short space of time whether they are successful or not. Either way your organisation will be notified of the NPC decision by email, within ten working days after the NPC meeting taking place.

Can I apply to other Foundations for the same thing at the same time?

All gaming foundations are very wary of applicants who may be “double dipping”. This means replicating the same application to a number of foundations using the same quote and requesting full funding to the value of the quote submitted. It is unlikely that this type of request will be viewed favourably.

Alternatively, some applicants may split their funding request (say for $10,000 for a new children’s playground) into four requests for $2,500 to four separate Foundation. This latter example is legitimate and may qualify for funding.

Do you only fund sporting groups?

No. We fund many different clubs and organisations across the community, although it would be fair to say that the majority of applications received would be from amateur sports clubs, which is then reflected in our funding pattern. A full list of our recipients for the last financial year is posted on this website.

Do you have funding in our area?

In general, funds will be distributed in the area in which they were generated. This is typically defined by territorial local authority (TLA) boundaries. The Directors may however, at their discretion, apply and distribute funds from one TLA, or toward a National project.

If my application is for a legitimate, legal purpose and your Foundation has funds available am I guaranteed to receive some funds?

No. The Foundation will not consider your application unless it qualifies in terms of the Foundation grant criteria and the law. However, even if your group does qualify for funding the Trustees have the unfettered authority to approve or decline any application, simply they may not wish to support the cause you have applied for.

Are our chances of receiving a grant enhanced if we support the Foundation’s member hotels?

No. The Foundation and its sites have an excellent operating relationship. Without their assistance we cannot generate income. However, the Foundation acts independently when deciding who receives funds and we don’t know who patronises our sites. Our venues are prohibited from having any involvement in the grant application process and any relationship your club or organization has with a member hotel will not have any bearing on any application you may lodge with the Foundation.

What are our chances of being audited?

Our Foundation has a systemic audit programme in place. Additionally, you may be audited by an Inspector of Gaming from the D.I.A. Your chances of audit are high. We strongly recommend that you keep clear records of expenditure and receipts. Grant fraud is a Crimes Act offence and carries heavy penalties.

How will the grant be paid?

Payment will be direct credited to the recipient organisation’s bank account. You will need to include a deposit slip with your application.

How do we address any unspent amount of a grant?

Any unspent amounts must be returned to the Fund and can’t be applied for any other purpose the funding was granted against.

What will we have to do if we are successful?

Mainland Foundation requires an acknowledgement of grant form to be returned to the Foundation along with verification of expenditure (receipts etc.).

This acknowledgement is by way of the completion of the Accountability Report, an online document. A link to this Report is found in your Applicant Dashboard.

The completed Report must have uploaded to it all receipts and required support documents. These receipts must be from the same companies as the quotes supplied in the application and must be returned within 3-months of the grant being made.

Failure to comply with the conditions will result in the Foundation seeking a full refund of the grant.

How do I appeal or query a decision?

Please contact our Grants team to discuss your appeal/query.

Will my information be shared with other parties?

No, your information will only be shared internally and is protected in line with the Privacy Policy contained within this application, please read it carefully. If your application is successful, then Mainland Foundation would have the right to promote the grant in their communications, including social media pages and website or support material for Grant making.


If you’ve got questions about the online application form and the information required, read on below.

Which browser should I use to make my grant application?

Below are the different browsers that can be used to complete your application:

  • Google Chrome (preferred).
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Safari.
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or higher).

Is our full name and type of organisation required?

We need to know the correct, full name of your organisation, to ensure that your entity is correctly identified.

Further in the online application you will be asked if your organisation is a Registered Charity or an Incorporated Society, if your organisation is either of these, please enter your registered numbers where requested. If a warning comes up, this means that the Organisation name you have entered, does not match the name on your registration with the Charities Commission or your Incorporated Societies name.

You will need to enter the correct name to be able to progress. To assist you do not enter Inc, if your name has Incorporated in it, as your name will be rejected. Please contact us if you requre assistance.

Is our National or Regional Affiliation information needed?

Yes, this information is important to us and there is a specific question that we ask you to address this. If you are nationally or regionally affiliated please confirm and upload proof of that affiliation in step 5 of the application.

Is there Proof or Confirmation of Identity Required?

Yes, a (Driver’s License or Passport) is required for persons authorised to make an application. Please upload with photo and signatures clearly visible. There is more about uploading required material in “Do I need to Upload Files” below.

Do I need to fill out every field?

No. Only mandatory fields are required, however the more information you enter, the more consideration the Directors will be able to give your application.

Mainland Foundation keeps accurate and up to date contact details of your organisation. This information will be used to contact you with regards to this application.

Do I need to include a copy of full minutes with my application?

Yes, the full minutes of the committee/executive meeting must be included with your application.  The minutes must include the following and be uploaded to the application: (See the Uploads section at the end of FAQ’s)

  • Minutes including resolution must be certified as true and correct and signed by the Secretary/Chairperson or other executive member.
  • A resolution to apply for funding from the Mainland Foundation for the purpose and amount for which your organisation is applying for funding.
  • Minutes should be on the letterhead of the applicant organisation and contain the full names of all committee members.

Can I save my application, leave the application and continue it later?

Yes, you can leave the application, just hit the “Save and Next Page” button first at the base of the page. To continue your incomplete application form, simply refer to the email sent to you labelled Applicant Dashboard link’ and use your allocated application password to log back in and complete your application form.

What files will I need to upload?

Yes, in steps 5 and 7 you will be requested to Upload documents: In steps 5 and step 7 you will be asked to upload information. To assist you in completing your application, have the following file available to upload as requested for the following steps:

In Step 5 of the application:

  • Resolution, Minutes, including the name of the Foundation, authorised purpose and amount to be applied for, name the file Resolution.
  • Set of Accounts, being the most recent, (latest) for the last full year. This must be audited and/or signed by an authorised person. Name this file Accounts.
  • Organisation’s Bank Deposit Slip, matching the name of the party applying, name on the file Deposit Slip.
  • Proof of Affiliation, this is only required if you are a sports club or belong to a national body, name this file Affiliation Letter.
  • Endorsement Letter from the Principal, this is only required if you are applying for a school or school team, name this file Principal’s letter.
  • IRD Tax Exemption Certificate, if your organisation is a Registered Society please provide a copy of your IRD Tax Exemption Certificate, name this file Tax Certificate.
  • Job Description, If you are applying for funding for salaries/wages, please upload the job description for each of the salaries or wages positions you are including in this application. Please name the upload Job Description 1,2,3 etc.
  • Letter of Commitment, If your application includes funding for a vehicle, then a letter confirming the non-private use of the vehicle is required. Please name the upload Letter of Commitment.

In Step 7 of the application:

  • A Preferred Quote, which is the quote that should be your lowest cost supplier for any items that you are requesting funding for. This quote should not be more than 1 month old and must be addressed to the organisation and that the quote matches the amount of the funding being applied for. You may apply for less than your supporting quotes but not more that. 
  • Competitive Quote, which is the second quote as a comparison to the Preferred Quote. Please note that you must provide a competitive quote with your application, even if you have a preferred supplier, as this is a DIA requirement. If it is not possible to provide a competitive quote then please upload a letter of explanation as to why, in the Competitive Quote file. E.g. if you are applying for funds that include a hire of grounds and there is only one supply, then upload a letter explain that as being the reason why you do not have a Competitive Quote. 
  • Salary file, if you are applying for salary/wages, please upload the signed and dated employment contract, clearly outlining the full amount of the salary/wages being requested and the time period e.g. 3 months of salary/wages you are seeking grant funding for. 
  • Proof of Identity, a (Driver’s License or Passport) is required for persons authorised to make an application. Please upload with photo and signatures clearly visible, name this file ID Full name of person.

My bank no longer gives out deposit slips. What do I do?

We understand that deposit slips are being phased out, you can instead supply a certification from your bank or a copy of your organisation’s bank statement that shows the bank logo, organisation name and account number.

Do I need to breakdown the detail of the funding I am requesting?

When completing the area requiring financial information regarding your application, you will be asked to enter that information in to a “table” structure, please ensure that you complete this in full.

You will be required:

  1. To provide all quotes made out to your organisations name for the project/activity or puchase of an asset. 
  2. Each quote must be on a separate line of the table. Eg. if you are applying for sports uniforms and medical equipment you will have 2 lines for sports uniforms and medical equipment. There is no need to break sports uniforms down further to 20x socks, 30x caps etc.
  3. You must complete the final column which states the amount you are requesting.
  4. The total amount of your applicant request must be entered in the box below the table.

Do I need to upload additional information?

No, but if you have some relevant information as part of your pitch, which you think would well support your application then it would be advisable to attach it. There is the ability to attach a Word, PowerPoint or image file; please be aware that the maximum file size is 50MBs.

A system or program issue?

If you are having a system or program issue with the application, then please click on the Support link and let us know by completing the email support request form.

We will endeavour to respond the same day if your request is filed before 12 noon or the following day if your request is filed after 12 noon.

The help desk response will only be available Mondays to Fridays and not on public holidays.

Why can’t I progress past this stage of my application?

It is most likely because you have not filled in an entry into a mandatory field. Check if there are any highlighted questions. If there are you will need to enter information into the mandatory field.

If you are having a technical system or program issue with making an application, then please click on the Support link to let us know by completing the email support request form.

We will endeavour to respond the same day if your request is filed before 12 noon or the following day if your request is filed after 12 noon. The help desk response will only be available Mondays to Fridays and not on public holidays.