Grant Process

1. Check Eligibility

All funding applications must meet Mainland Foundations funding criteria. Check out our eligibility criteria here.

2. apply online

All funding applications must be made online. You can find out more about the online application and what’s needed on the How to Apply for a Grant page.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline date (10 days before the Net Proceeds Committee meets). You can find our meeting dates here.

3. Net proceeds committee assessment

The Net Proceeds Committee assess your application and determines if your application is approved or declined.

Decisions are made, considering, the available funds, the merit of the application, the compliance of the application, and the overall community benefit.

Your organisation will be notified of the outcome by email, within 10 working days of the meeting.

4. Grant Payment

If you are successful, we will pay the funds directly into your bank account as per the details submitted in your application.

5. Spend money

Now you get to spend your funds on your project.

Your grant can only be spent on the projects and activities specified in your application. Any unused funds must be returned to Mainland Foundation.

6. Accountability Report

You’re required to complete an Accountability Report to prove that your funds were spent as per your application. Your Accountability Report must be completed within 3 months of the grant being made.

7. Acknowledge our support

You don’t have to acknowledge our support, but by doing so you let others know that Mainland Foundation is able to support their community.

8. Publication of grant recipients

Mainland Foundation are required to publish the name of our recipients and how much they received. This is published on our website every 6 months. See Net Proceeds Committee Decisions Financial Statements | Mainland Foundation